Instant Meditation

I have encountered numerous people who say they cannot meditate because their mind is too crazy or distracted.  Maybe you are one of them.  This couldn't be further from the truth.  The simple observation that your mind is crazy or distracted or running wild, is itself a meditative insight.

In an effort to remove the mystery and maybe some resistance to the practice, try just reading along with the text that follows and see what happens.  The only catch is, just read about 1/2 or 1/3 of your normal reading pace.  Watch the words as if they are coming off the page one at a time into your awareness.  Notice the spaces between the words as well as the words themselves.  And just relax, have fun and see what shakes out for you.

Ready to get going?  Good. Let's do this.

First, just take a deep breath, very slowly, as if the air is filling your body from your nose or mouth all of the way down to your toes.  Slowly let it out in the reverse direction.  Take two or three of these deep cleansing breaths.  Eyes open or very gently closed, take a few more, letting go, the best you can, of any tension or strain you may feel in your body.  If it won't go, then just let it be there and attend to it kindly.

Let's proceed.

Notice as you read these words, again very slowly, that you can be simultaneously aware of the words you are reading AND your breath as it moves in and out.  There is no special way to breathe, just simply noticing that breath is happening while you are sitting here reading.  Breath moving in and breath moving out.   

As you are aware of these words, the spaces between, and the breath, notice the body and how it feels just sitting here.  Whatever sensations or feelings are present, just letting them be there, without resistance or wanting something else to be happening.  Reading        breath       sitting here.  That's it.

As you read this, aware of the breath and body, imagine that the words are appearing in front of you as if being typed onto the page as you are reading.

This gives you the experience of how your life actually shows up.  Experiences come one at a time from this moment to the next.  They just happen as they do.  It is the connections to things that have happened before, or may happen in the future, the fears, judgments, expectations, meanings that we attach to words or expectations that cause us to experience them as pleasant or unpleasant or good or bad.  

In reality, life is just happening.  Our perceptions color this reality and then that is what leads us to feel some certain way about our lives as they unfold from one moment to the next.

Notice just reading this how you feel now.  Be aware of your breath, your body, these words.  

As you read, your mind may be forming images of these words, judgments about the content, comparisons to other things you have read, or tuning out in favor of more pleasant thoughts or visions.  Notice whatever is happening.  Aware of your breath and body, whatever is present, IS your life happening here and now. There is no right or wrong experience to be having, just let it be what it is.

Your life happens just the same way as this document to now was formed typing one letter at a time.  It's only when certain letters connect in certain ways that the sentences or paragraphs or the whole message of what it is saying makes sense.  

Notice your breath      body     feelings         sounds          sights       words        tastes          smells         mental images         distractions         judgments        longing to be somewhere else      all of it.  This is your life, here and now.

Take another deep breath.  Offer yourself a kind word of gratitude.

If you've gotten here, and are reading this sentence, well then....

Congratulations!  You have just meditated!  Honor yourself for having done it, and go about your day.  

If you'd like to try another experience, try a guided practice by clicking here.  Just sit and listen and see what happens.  Simple enough.

That is all for now...Thank you.


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